MySurvey by Quadrica

MySurvey is a 3D scan software suite.

MySurvey allows you to project yourself on site and gives you immediate, simple and intuitive access to your infrastructures: virtual reality in the true sense!

Seeing that 3D survey technologies (drone, laser scanning, etc.) capture an unrivalled wealth of information, MySurvey makes it possible to make the most of this data.

Whether you work in your office or in the field, MySurvey will be your ideal ally to visualize, compare and work on your 3D scanned installations.

3D tour

Visit your facilities freely without the constraints of the site.

MySurvey provides the essential tools for a virtual tour. You can easily view panoramic views, and move freely within sight, or directly into a full cloud of points with the ability to import your models.

It is a software suite that allows you to consult various sources of information in the same interface, including: point clouds, 3D models, high-definition photos, 2D shots, and that allows you to reach areas and points of view that are rarely accessible in the field.

Anticipate risks and sources of schedule and budget deviations, and optimize the design or review of your installations in a few clicks and in an intuitive way.

Measurements and modelling

Dimensions, diameters, surfaces, volumes and lengths are now at hand.

MySurvey makes it possible to take coasts easily, whatever the conditions of exploitation of the site.

Several tools allow you to measure distances, surfaces, angles intuitively, with an accuracy that cannot be reached by traditional means. Start a rib on a cloud of dots and finish it in a photo.

Remote consultation improves the performance of HSE indicators: fewer people on site, less dosimetry, and less exposure to conventional hazards.

Inventory and inspection

Rediscover the real reality of your facilities.

With MySurvey, switch from " tel-que-construit " to "tel-qu 'existant", which will no longer have any secrets for you, thanks to the possibility to inspect the scanned installations remotely. Easily control the progress of your worksites, and streamline operations wherever you are, virtually in real time, with unparalleled accuracy.

Various additional modules control the hazards of your projects, such as The Clash detection, the 4D module or the conformity analysis module.

Collaborate remotely, and share the data you want, safely.

You can easily annotate all your data from laser scans, and easily associate texts, images and links with them.

Project reviews

Project yourself in the installations of tomorrow with your 3D models.

Aggregate data from different sources and actors (design offices, operators, engineering, maintenance), and your models in the existing one, and immerse yourself in the configuration of tomorrow.

Import and export point clouds and 3D modeling from your installations to facilitate your project management, easily navigate your scanned models, and view critical areas with ease.

With MySurvey you can plan maintenance operations, analyse upstream security conditions, and simulate various jobs optimally.

Like great international actors, choose a model magazine in MySurvey

Options and plugins

In addition to the standard operating functions, modules enrich the MySurvey experience

- DAC: detection, analysis, oriented compliance civil engineering

- 4D: planning and kinematic management

- TQE and demolition: update your points cloud over time

- Clash: detection of collisions and interferences

- VR: extend the visit through the means of virtual reality

- Connectivity with PLM and GMAO tools

For all your specific needs, do not hesitate to contact us !