The innovative "Virtual Reality" tool for the digital industry

ViSu, or Virtual Survey, allows immersion at scale with a virtual reality headset in an industrial-sized point cloud. Virtual Survey wants to fulfill customer demands:

  • by allowing people to move freely in the virtualized environment with the most realistic rendering possible, "as if we were there";
  • by physically accessing infrastructure details that are unreachable in reality;
  • by allowing them to carry out handling, piloting and equipment removal missions in total immersion, in order to prepare its sites;
  • by carrying out surveys and analyses with several collaborators connected to each other all over the world.

The use of a VR helmet allows Virtual Survey to fully immerse the user in the installations on a "1" scale, using 3D scanner readings and immersing the user in the very heart of the cloud of points.

The goal of Virtual Survey is to allow users who are not on site to take full possession of the reality of the field, to review projects and make informed decisions.

Virtual Survey has been designed for anyone working in the field, with MySurvey users, to stay close to the business need.