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Virtual reality at the service of industries

VirtualSurvey is designed to help manufacturers working on "high-risk" sites (nuclear power plants, refineries, offshore platforms, ...).

The risks on these sites are numerous: radioactivity, falls, toxic emanations, explosions, etc...

The objective of Virtual Survey is to enable the users to take full possession of the reality in the field, avoiding unnecessary exposure or travel, since it is now possible to carry out the same work directly on one's computer. 
In this way, they are less exposed to industrial hazards. The training of remote site workers is easier, by immersing them in the installation, and by offering them to be guided by annotations, audio guides, and multi-user sessions.

Virtual Survey is designed for anyone working in the field with MySurvey users to stay close to the business need. For those working in the field, it is a very valuable tool, as it allows the preparation of missions, and avoids repeated trips to the site. For design offices, it is the same, as it facilitates project reviews and allows for informed decision-making.