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Quadrica has joined the Cyclife group


Cyclife completes its range of digital services for the decommissioning of nuclear installations with the acquisition of QUADRICA.

A new milestone has just been achieved in our development strategy supporting our ambition to become a key actor in the nuclear decommissioning and radioactive wastemanagement fields.

Thanks to the Quadrica team, Cyclife is expanding its offer already supported by its subsidiary Cyclife Digital Solutions covering then a significant part of the data value chain: visualization and exploitation of #3d data, production of BIM models, digital simulation of intervention scenarios… leading towards a more common and mastered use of digitaltwin to increase the level of control and optimize interventions.

Find out more: https://www.cyclife-edf.com/en/cyclife/our-news/cyclife-expands-its-range-of-digital-services-for-the-dismantling-of-nuclear-facilities-and-acquires-quadrica